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“The most valuable knowledge we can possess is that of the use and functioning of the self.”

F.M. Alexander

How do we do what we do?


“We translate everything, whether physical, mental or spiritual into muscular tension.” F.M. Alexander


We all know that tension can be harmful, creating anxiety, interfering with freedom, and even causing pain.  But how often are we aware of the stress we bring to everyday activity?  How do you move, react, and think, and can you see your repeating patterns in those actions?


Alexander Technique lessons are an exploration of movement and thought.  They help release tension and restore effortless movement, balance, and coordination.

In your lessons you can discover the joy of moving freely and respond to the challenges of your life with ease, efficiency, and poise.  With verbal guidance and gentle touch, I can help you develop deeper awareness of your body, your thinking, and your reactions to simple stimuli.

Learn how to let go of pain, to work with less effort, and to think more clearly.

The Alexander Technique helps with:

  • pain and stress relief

  • confidence and self-control

  • self-development, self-awareness, and personal growth

  • better posture and improvement of posture-related problems

  • improved performance in public speaking, singing, dancing,

     music, and sport

For more information:

American Society for the Alexander Technique and

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