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“Here we scan the world looking for data that validates our perception of it, projecting our view onto the world.
We need the body to help us see our own bias.”

Helen Palmer

Why do we do what we do?

The enneagram teaches: 

Nine patterned ways of seeing the world. 

Nine patterned ways of being in the world. 

Nine patterned ways of reacting to the world.


We call them personality.


Does your personality determine your focus and limit your possibilities?  Would you like to know if you are acting out of reactive patterns that may be driving beliefs and causing suffering? The nine-pointed symbol of the Enneagram describes nine types of being, seeing and reacting. 

Knowing your type can help you recognize why you do what you do, how your core beliefs drive defensive strategies.  It can show you what you are drawn to and what you avoid. And it can help to build capacity for transformation.


It may seem obvious, but still needs to be said that all beliefs and all emotions express through the body.  Many lead to distortions of the self, creating physical, mental and emotional disunity; habits that contribute to stress and suffering.  You can learn to observe all this as it shows up in muscular tension and you can learn to release it.

You are more than your personality.  Learn how to let go of your limiting patterns and beliefs.

For more information:

Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition

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