A four-week on-line Level One Focusing training for members of The Narrative Enneagram Bergamo Learning Community who wish to develop receptivity, deepen understanding of self, and facilitate change by listening to the Body’s unique language, the Felt Sense.

Learning How the Body Speaks and Learning How to Listen

Four Saturdays, August 7th through August 28th

11 AM to 2 PM Eastern Time
Classes will be taught and recorded on Zoom


This course is designed to lead you into a deep inner experiencing and awareness as you learn the art of Focusing. 

Discover how to welcome and grow your Felt Sense of life issues as you allow the patterns of your Type the space and freedom to move forward.

You will learn skills to invite and engage with your Body's implicit, felt knowing of your situations.

You will learn to keep company with your reactive patterns, the contractions of your type that keep you stuck, preventing life-forward energy.

You will discover your own emerging wisdom and creativity.


Space is limited.  Register soon!

Fee: $250 

For questions email Karen or call 937-974-8945.

“Focusing came along just at the right time for me. I'd been exploring "bottom up" approaches to help with some deep-seated issues. The class teaching provided the necessary information, and the in-class and between classes practice made sure I actually was doing it. I highly recommend the class!”  - Pamela Hanson


“Karen ’s “Focusing” workshops have been an added practice with working with a partner to come inside and experience the felt sense in my body. It has been helpful in calming my nervous system and the ever quest for greater Presence.”  - Tom Baldwin


With Focusing I have experienced the intelligence of the body through the “Felt Sense” language that it speaks to me and its role in my journey to wholeness.”  - Carol Jackson


“Karen’s Focusing classes are empowering, awakening my capacity to welcome and nurture what I did not know and had disowned within me. Her teaching has changed my understanding of the work I do with others.”  - Eric McLellan



“We feel more than we can think, and we live more than we can feel. And if we enter into what we feel in certain genuine steps, we feel more than before. And there is much more still.”

Bergamo Community members say:

- Eugene Gendlin, Unpublished manuscript, 1971